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Client City of Batesville, Arkansas
Location Batesville, Arkansas
Scope Of Work Estimate: $31.6 Million Contractor Bid: $27.3 Million
Schedule Under Construction

Project Detail

The new 9.0 MGD Batesville Wastewater Treatment Plant was designed to meet stringent effluent limits regarding BOD, TSS and cold weather nitrification of ammonia.

The project is funded in part by the American Recovery Reinvestment Act and was included in Vice President Biden’s report of “100 Recovery Projects that Are Changing America.”

 The three phases for construction include new collection system components for increased flow capacity to the wastewater treatment plant, wastewater treatment facilities improvements and collection system rehabilitation and improvements.

The new treatment facility includes modifications of the existing treatment plant and the construction of a new wastewater treatment facility to effectively treat an annual average design flow of 9.0 MGD and meet new NPDES permit requirements for ammonia, carbonaceous organics, dissolved oxygen and suspended solids.

This portion of the project utilized the existing aerated lagoons for initial treatment and included a new moving bed bio-film reactor basin (MBBR) type facility with dissolved air flotation (DAF) units, high efficiency turbo blowers, lagoon intake and lift station, chlorination facilities, outfall structure, and other support structures including laboratory, operations, electrical and maintenance buildings. Under this project, a portion of the existing lagoon system was converted into flow equalization facilities.

When complete this will be the only MBBR type municipal facility in Arkansas and it will be the largest MBBR facility following lagoon treatment in the United States.