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Client Clarksville Light and Water, Co.
Location Clarksville Light and Water, Co.
Scope Of Work Water Treatment Plant Expansion
Schedule Under Construction

Project Detail

MWY provided design services for an expansion project currently under construction at the Clarksville Water Treatment Plant to increase treatment capacity from 12 to 16-MGD.

Progressive measures included using the Alternative Negotiated Purchasing method allowed by Arkansas law for projects exceeding $2 Million. Using this qualifications-based process, a Construction Manager (CM) was selected during the design process. With the CM as a member of the design team, alternatives were identified and quickly analyzed for cost, resulting in final economical design providing a significant cost savings to the utility.

The new facilities include: four dual media filter cells, a backwash water storage clear well, clarifier flow division structure, filter flow division structure, and a new finished water meter station.

Improvements to the existing ozone disinfection facilities are also being constructed including a new 150,000 gallon pre-ozone contact basin and an ozone injection equipment building. These facilities are designed to provide further disinfection of the pathogenic organism, Cryptosporidium, and maintain compliance with the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule.

This plant was the first in Arkansas to use ozone as the primary disinfectant and granular activated carbon as a filter media for SOC removal. This plant will now also be the first in Arkansas to use ozone for disinfection of Cryptosporidium. MWY designed the original 8-MGD facility completed in 1993, and the subsequent expansion to 12-MGD in 2003.