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Carroll-Boone Water District
Client Carroll-Boone Water District
Scope Of Work Water Treatment Plant and Subsequent Expansions
Schedule CONSTRUCTION COST: 2000 Expansion - $5.3 Million

Project Detail

MWY has served as the consulting firm for a majority of the Carroll-Boone Water District projects since the mid- 1970s. The District’s system serves the cities of Eureka Springs, Green Forest, Berryville and Harrison as well as numerous small towns and rural water systems in Carroll and Boone counties.

The Freeman-Raney water treatment plant was constructed in 1980 as a 4-MGD facility. Expansions to the plant in 1989 and 1994 increased the capacity to 8-MGD and 12-MGD, respectively. In 2000, a new 6-MGD facility, which is located across the highway just opposite from the original facility due to space limitations, increased the District’s overall capacity to 18-MGD. The 6-MGD water treatment plant can be expanded to an ultimate capacity of 24-MGD to complement the existing 12-MGD facility. Beaver Lake serves as the raw water source for both facilities.

The Freeman-Raney plant was the first in Arkansas to use ammonia as chloramine disinfection to maintain a residual and reduce THM formation in the 55-mile transmission pipeline. The original plant and subsequent expansions were all designed by MWY.