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Client City of Fayetteville, Arkansas
Location Fayetteville, Arkansas
Schedule COMPLETED 1996

Project Detail

CLIENT: City of Fayetteville, Arkansas


Construction Bid: $1,708,000
Final Construction Cost: $1,662,062


MWY provided comprehensive engineering and architectural services to the city of Fayetteville in the design of a solid waste transfer station and recycling facility additions.

The project entailed the design and construction of an 18,000 square foot building to transfer solid waste from local collection trucks to over-the-road tractor/trailer vehicles for transport to disposal sites, and to expand the city’s recycling program by designing much-needed additions to the existing facility to accommodate offloading facilities for compartmentalized recycling trucks.

The additions included offloading facilities for compartmentalized recycling trucks. The facilities accommodate eight rolloff containers for different types of plastics, glass, and paper products, and provide for elevated discharge of source-separated recyclable materials from the recycling trucks into the rolloff containers. The access ramp, offloading platform, and retaining walls are of concrete construction. The Fayetteville facility is the largest municipally-operated recycling operation in Northwest Arkansas

The project resulted in the largest municipally-operated recycling facility in Northwest Arkansas. The combined capacity is over 300 tons per day for the two facilities.

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