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Client Springdale Water Utilities
Location Springdale, Arkansas
Schedule Completed 2005
Architect David Powers, AIA

Project Detail

Springdale, Arkansas
Completed 2005

In 2004, the Springdale Water Utilities selected MWY to perform a detailed design of the lift station described in the North Side Sewer Facilities Improvements Preliminary Engineering Report, prepared by MWY in 2003. The Benton Farm Lift Station was designed to serve the northwest side of Springdale, including an undeveloped area west of I-540. Due to the large tributary area but low level of

development at the time of design, the station had to be designed for a wide range of flows. Multiple 160-HP submersible pumps with variable frequency drives, as well as provisions for parallel force mains, were utilized to achieve the required range of flows. The station was designed for an ultimate capacity of approximately 10,000-GPM, with a minimum initial pumping capacity of approximately 2,400-GPM. The use of multiple pumps with VFDs would contribute to lower operational costs during periods of low flows.

The lift station site was a farm bordered by agricultural land. In order for the station to blend in to its surroundings and have a positive aesthetic impact on the neighbors, the station was designed to resemble a dairy barn.

The above-ground portion of the station houses a control room, stand-by generator, and odor control equipment. Below ground is a pipe gallery and wetwell. The wetwell, which is approximately 38-feet deep, is divided to allow maintenance during continued operation. The approximate construction cost was $2.0 million.  The original budget was approximately $2.2 million.

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