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Client Holiday Island Suburban Improvement District – Holiday Island, Arkansas
Location Holiday Island, Arkansas
Scope Of Work Cost: $5.2 million
Schedule Construction began: 2008 Completion: 2011

Project Detail

Spanning the Arkansas/Missouri boarder, expansion and improvements to this 1970s era wastewater treatment plant required complex coordination from the pre-planning stages through project completion.

The receiving waters of this facility are in Missouri, while the facility itself is located in Arkansas. MWY coordinated with both the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality as well as the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to ensure permit requirements were acceptable to both states.

The facility not only needed to be expanded to meet projected population growth, but also to comply with new, stringent environmental regulations limiting phosphorus.

Expansion and improvements to transform the plant from a 0.25 MGD annual average flow extended aeration type facility to a 0.05 MGD average annual flow biological nutrient removal type facility included: headworks, three-stage biological nutrient removal process, final clarifiers, RAS/WAS scum pumping station and chemical feed facility.