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Client City of Springdale, Arkansas
Location Springdale, Arkansas
Scope Of Work COST: $1 Million
Schedule COMPLETED: 2002

Project Detail

MWY provided engineering design and construction management services in connection with a major upgrade of Springdale’s collection system in 1986. This included the construction of two lift stations, on Johnson and Robinson Lanes, and one million gallons of in-system flow equalization. The cost of the original facilities, including both stations, was $1,288,875.


In 2001, MWY performed a facility upgrade study for the existing Robinson Lane Lift Station, located on Robinson Lane in southwest Springdale.


The purpose of the study was to compare options for expanding the capacity of the facility while maintaining operation of the existing station. MWY later provided detailed plans and specifications for construction of the recommended improvements. Based on recommendations, the lift station was upgraded from a capacity of 3,600-GPM to a capacity of 6,500-GPM. The new station was designed for easy expansion to a capacity of 8,300 as needed.


The improvements included construction of an underground pipe gallery and a new wetwell with spaces for a total of five 185-HP submersible pumps (three immediate and two future pumps).


The improvements incorporated variable frequency drives that lower pumping rates during periods of low flow, which contributes to lower operating costs.