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Client City of Rogers, Arkansas
Location Rogers, Arkansas

Project Detail

This project consists of realigning/improving approximately 4,000 linear feet (LF) of Monte Ne Road into a boulevard parkway, improving approximately 1,800 LF of First Street into a major collector, and miscellaneous secondary street improvements that include two roundabout intersections at Monte Ne/First Street and Monte Ne/Pleasant Ridge. Sidewalk and lighting improvements on both sides of the parkway and a new Razorback Greenway trail/tunnel near the First Street intersection. The project also incorporates Low Impact Development principles, including pervious concrete parking and trails, tree-well curb inlets, infiltration basins, and native plantings. Maple Grove Park improvements, including a parking area are also part of this design.

The project began with a preliminary alignment study, to evaluate different alignment route alternatives. For each alternative, the potential impact on surrounding properties and the number of properties potentially impacted was analyzed. In addition, drainage, constructability, and cost were factors that were considered.

When completed, the new Monte Ne Road will serve as a beautiful parkway allowing better traffic flow and aesthetics for motorists accessing downtown Rogers from the east, while utilizing low impact design elements.


City of Rogers, Arkansas

Opinion of Probable Cost: $10,000,000
Construction Bid: TBD

Final Construction Cost:     TBD
Time: In Design Phase

Client Contact:
Steve Glass, P.E.
Director of Planning & Transportation
City of Rogers
301 Chestnut
Rogers, AR  72756