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Project Detail

In the fall of 2008, a petition was filed to form a new water district called the North Baxter County Water Distribution District. As its name implies, the proposed district encompasses the northern portion of Baxter County, bounded by the Norfork and White Rivers on the south. MWY assisted with the formation of the district by developing a Conceptual Design Report describing the purpose of the district and conceptual facilities.

The first phase of the new district will serve the city of Mountain Home as well as the consecutive systems of Lakeview-Midway and Northeast Water District, all of which currently take water from Lake Norfork.

MWY is providing the district with additional services including the engineering study and report for proposed facilities, including a feasibility analysis. The study includes evaluation of potential intake sites on Bull Shoals Lake, which is being considered as a new source for the district.

The scope of work also includes preliminary design of the intake facilities on Bull Shoals Lake, a new water treatment plant, and transmission facilities to serve the customers of the district.

At this time the North Baxter County Water Distribution District has not moved forward with this project.