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Client City of Prairie Grove, Arkansas
Location Prairie Grove, Arkansas
Scope Of Work Construction Bid: $7.72 million Final Construction Cost: $7.69 million
Schedule COMPLETED: On Time Construction began: 2010 Completion: 2011

Project Detail


The design of the new Prairie Grove Wastewater Treatment Facility called for a large-scale changeover of the existing 0.50 WWTP, that was not capable of meeting new state-mandated effluent limits, to a modern, efficient 0.9 MGD biological phosphorus removal (BPR) type facility. The facility was designed so that future units could be added, up to a 3.6 MGD future treatment capacity.

MWY coordinated extensive permitting and communication with regulatory agencies. Working with ADEQ to determine possible future NPDES permit limits, design limits were established.

MWY obtained the necessary data for the new NPDES permit application, prepared the application and submitted it to ADEQ. Preparing the final application included multiple interactions with ADEQ, including a new permit for the exiting wastewater discharge, to be abandoned, and an interim permit for completion and start-up of the proposed new facilities.

The project was uniquely complex in that it was the first project in the state to receive American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding; and it also was funded in part by the Arkansas Natural Recourses Commission.


Of note: MWY engaged the services of Environmental Consulting Operations, Inc. of Benton to develop a Best Management Practices Plan (BMP) to provide guidance to the owner and contractor for storm water management.