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Client City of Springdale
Location Springdale, Arkansas

Project Detail

City of Springdale, Arkansas

COST OF STUDY: $600,000

Patsy Christie, Director
Planning and Community
Development Division
City of Springdale
201 Spring Street
Springdale, AR  72764
(479) 750-8550

MWY performed an extensive study for the southern east/west corridor, located approximately one mile south of U.S. Highway 412 in Springdale. The purpose of the study was to provide recommendations regarding a specific route selection for the 5.5-mile corridor, which included existing streets as well as undeveloped areas where streets were proposed. The scope included an analysis of different route alternatives, including preliminary drainage design and opinions of probable cost for construction of the proposed improvements.

The following were goals for the establishment of the recommended route:

  • Provide east/west travel across the southern portion of the city eliminating the need to travel through existing neighborhoods and developments to access schools, recreational facilities, and major employment areas.
  • Provide a facility to maximize traffic flow and safety by limiting access along the facility.
  • Provide a facility to mitigate the impact on existing neighborhoods through design, location, and appropriate land use controls.