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Key staff members of McGoodwin Williams & Yates have conducted and managed, a wide variety of both engineering and land surveying projects over the life of the firm.

Our in-house survey crew is experienced with conducting services for Right-of-Way and Easement purposes.

Rights-Of-Way and Easements

MWY has extensive experience in determining project right-of-way requirements and preparing legal descriptions for all types of municipal improvements. We have managed right-of-way acquisition on numerous major projects in Northwest Arkansas and throughout the state.


MWY has always utilized state-of-the-art equipment as a part of surveying operations. Today, we utilize both Global Positioning and conventional “total station” electronic surveying equipment complete with field data recorders. Data collected in the field can be entered directly into computer software within minutes so analysis, design, and generation of CAD drawings can begin immediately without manual processing of field data.
Our surveyors are trained in the use of the State Plane Coordinate System and are equipped with “Astro-Rhomb” software for quick, accurate determination of azimuth from solar observations. They are skilled in the use of global positioning equipment for topographic, route and control surveys for mapping projects.  They are equipped with Trimble R8GNSS units, Trimble Pro XRS Mapping Grade GPS Unit, a Sokkia Set 3 total station, Zeiss Ni2 Optical levels, laptop computers for field use and an Olympus Camedia D580 digital camera.

Digital Base Mapping

MWY has completed digital base mapping for the Cities of Green Forest, Lowell, Mountain Home, and Springdale.  The mapping utilized aerial photography controlled by a system of conventional and global positioning surveys.  Multiple layers of zoning, drainage, topography, infrastructure and other municipal data have been added to these computer resident maps to meet a variety of administrative needs.  MWY maintains digital based zoning maps for several municipalities.  These maps are easily updated or rescaled using computer aided drafting software and ArcView G.I.S. Software.

City of Springdale, Arkansas

In 1993 MWY performed photo-grammetric mapping services for the city of Springdale for a 64 square mile area, which included the existing city limits and outlying areas in the city’s jurisdiction. This mapping product was used to create additional GIS products for a wide range of uses throughout the city departments.

City of Lowell, Arkansas

In 1998 MWY created an update of the 1993 digital base mapping using scaled accurate digital aerial photo images. The digital photo images covered 15 square miles of the city with additional Mylar aerial photographs covering a balance of 29 square miles planning jurisdiction.

Engineering Surveys

Our field surveys are closely integrated with engineering design operations. Our familiarity with the existing infrastructure in the region guides our surveys to insure that all pertinent data is collected. MWY survey personnel have extensive experience in the careful observation, measurement and description necessary for engineering surveys. Lead personnel have balanced experience in drafting and construction inspection.

Site Surveys

The boundary and topographic surveys for parking facilities to serve the Fayetteville Walton Arts Center were done by MWY. Site surveys for some of the major municipal capital improvements and facilities in Northwest Arkansas have also been the responsibility of our company. Our familiarity with local land records and field monumentation enables us to determine boundaries quickly and accurately.  Our GPS and total station surveying equipment and efficient use of photogrammetry produce topographic data expeditiously, enabling planning and design to proceed on schedule.

Surveying References

PROJECT: Beaver Water District, Site Control
In 2000, our survey personnel established a network of control monumentation for Beaver Water District based on GPS control established earlier by MWY for the municipal mapping programs of the cities of Springdale and Lowell. This site control covers an area of approximately 25 square-miles around the water district plant. The positional values obtained from the GPS mission were checked with solar observations and conventional traverses to NSRS control. Over the last eleven years this precise network has been densified and used for a variety of purposes including construction of a large plant expansion and water transmission line, an extensive boundary survey in rugged, forested terrain, right-of-way acquisition for a new water transmission line and new pump station site, as well as location of land application sites for compliance with state regulations. These surveys have employed a variety of surveying techniques including static and RTK GPS, convention traverses with a SET 3 Total Station, and precise leveling using Zeiss Ni-2 Optical Levels.

Mr. Larry Lloyd, P.E., Operations Manager
Beaver Water District
P.O. Box 400
Lowell, AR 72745
(479) 756-3651

PROJECT: City of Batesville, GPS Control Network

In 2001, our survey team established a GPS Control Network that covers the entire city of Batesville, Arkansas. NGS monuments were utilized in establishing the control network. Since 2001 all surveying for projects in Batesville have been on one coordinate system, which enables all projects to be referenced to each other in real-world positions. This control network covers approximately 40 square miles; and has been used for various types of projects including new water and sewer lines, water and sewer treatment plant improvements, and utility relocation projects.

Mr. Damon Johnson, P.E. , City Engineer
City of Batesville, Arkansas
500 Main Street
Batesville, AR  72501
(870) 793-7242

PROJECT: City of Batesville, Existing Sewer Manhole Mapping

In 2009 our survey team mapped all existing sewer manholes in the city of
Batesville using our Trimble Pro XRS Mapping Grade GPS unit. The total number of manholes was approximately 2700. The survey data was processed using Trimble Pathfinder Software and transferred to Arc View to create an accurate map of the manholes with coordinates. A four-wheeler was utilized to complete this project.

Mr. Damon Johnson, P.E. , City Engineer
City of Batesville, Arkansas
500 Main Street
Batesville, AR  72501
(870) 793-7242