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Client Scranton, Arkansas
Location Scranton, Arkansas
Scope Of Work Engineers estimate: $4,048,000

Project Detail

Scranton leaders were faced with a dilemma of finding a new primary source to provide water to its residents and to the industry that provides approximately 5,000 regional jobs.

The solution – Scranton will contract with the Clarksville Light and Water Company to provide water.

The challenge – Conveying water across the Arkansas River.

MWY’s solution included approximately six miles of 12” and 16” waterlines, including approximately 8,600 linear feet of 16” waterline suspended from the Highway 109 Bridge, and one booster pump station. The recommended alternative required MWY to coordinate with numerous federal and state government agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard and the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department.

Major challenges that MWY faced during design included designing a support system that would not allow the transfer of thrust forces from the waterline onto the bridge as well as how to allow the waterline to expand and contract with the bridge during yearly temperature variations.”

The initial capacity of the recommended transmission facilities is approximately 2 MGD, which will meet the projected system demands for at least the next 20 years. In addition, the transmission facilities can be expanded in the future to provide approximately 4 MGD without the need of additional waterlines on the Hwy 109 Bridge.

NOTE: Funded by Drinking Water State Revolving Loan