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MWY provides quality services from conception to occupancy of the project. We give careful attention to each aspect, making every project – regardless of size or scope – as seamless as possible.
We focus our practice on providing services needed by municipalities and other public entities. A large part of our work involves projects under regulation by one or more federal and state agencies, including the involvement of public funds. Consequently, our staff has a great deal of experience with complex regulations and has developed an excellent working relationship with both state and federal agency personnel

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Since 1946, McGoodwin, Williams & Yates, Inc. (MWY) has specialized in providing consulting engineering services to municipal clients and other public entities. As such, most of our projects require an initial planning phase, where we work closely with our clients to identify and evaluate alternatives and perform preliminary engineering design. We also assist our clients with navigating the requirements of funding agencies. Examples of initial planning phases include our current Monte Ne Road Realignment in Rogers, where we developed three alternative routes for evaluation by the city staff and public before beginning detailed design.

Since almost all of our clients are public entities, the majority of or projects require detailed competitive construction bidding, including detailed construction plans and bid documents. Over the past six years, we have conducted 39 public bid openings, including preparation of bid instructions, analysis of bids, and recommendation of award. All of or projects included estimating quantities and cost, and many required formal pre-construction meetings.
By specializing in public projects, MWY has developed extensive experience with state and federal regulations. Through our years of experience and regulatory expertise, MWY has established a reputation with state and federal regulators that is second to none.
In fact, we have successfully assisted our clients with ten (10) state revolving fund projects in Arkansas since 2000. Two of our recent projects also included American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding, and two others utilized other federal funding. These projects all involved the Davis-Bacon Labor Law, state procurement laws, contractor registration requirements, equal opportunity requirements, and progress reports.
Almost all MWY projects, including the example projects provided, require experience with progress reports and estimate reports, and well as issuance of certificates for progress and final payments to contractors. Although the need for dispute resolution on MWY projects is rare, MWY does have experience with dispute resolution. For more information, the selection committee is welcome to contact Rick Pulvirenti, P.E. of the Springdale Water Utilities (479 751-5751) or the Hon. Marilyn Edwards, Washington County Judge (479 444-1700) for information regarding our firm’s dispute resolution experience.
MWY is comfortable navigating the waters of environmental permitting and compliance. Most MWY projects require State of Arkansas review agency approval, and quite often by more than one agency. MWY and our partners can help a client determine what kinds of environmental issues may arise for a project early.

For example, on the recently completed Prairie Grove wastewater treatment facility project MWY coordinated with the Corps of Engineers for the construction of a new outfall structure. MWY was able to prepare a schedule for the client, the contractor, and the Corps and when it came time for the work, all the permits were in order and the Contractor was able to get into the stream and do the work in a matter of days. This process allowed the Contractor on this project to stay on schedule, contributing to an overall project that was completed on time and under budget as well as minimizing disruption to the environment.

MWY had successfully bid more than 31 construction projects over the past six years. All projects were publicly funded, and at least half included state and/or federal funding.
Of the 31 projects bid since 2007, all except two included construction contract administration and observation services, including observation during construction, checking shop drawings and contractor submittals, coordinating shop inspections and estimates, and revision of contract drawings as necessary.
One of the most important, but often unplanned for phases of a municipal project is the startup and closeout phase. MWY utilizes both standard EJCDC contract documents as well as individual, project-driven procedures to complete construction projects for our clients. MWY has developed and utilizes project QA/QC standards and procedures that are used as a road map from project implementation through final completion and closeout.
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